Tuesday, 10 July 2007

A tribute to a great Artist.

"This is Zouzou, leave your name and I will get back to you soon"....

replied the answering service on her cellular phone in London.

Soad Hosni ,(January 26,1942 Egypt;June 21,2001 U.K.).


marwa said...

you have done a great great job. thank you very much. I read el fateha for her every night. she was the most wonderful banouta masseryah.
thank you again.

from Iran said...

I used to listen to radio Cairo in 60's and 70's in Tehran .I didn't know anything about Soad Hosi at that time , but her lovely and happy voice was unique and captivating .
I think the middle-east has identity crises, and talented free spirited people facing a great injustice .

from Iran said...
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